Interesting Story of Shahrukh Khan Marriage with Gauri

Interesting Story of Shahrukh Khan Marriage with Gauri

If Shahrukh Khan is Bollywood’s King Khan, then Gauri Khan is also given the title of Queen of Bollywood. Both Shahrukh and Gauri spent their good and bad time of their life together.  Their love is not less than any example for people today. Shah Rukh and Gauri loved each other from the time of school and after the many years of affair, both told their families about their love. Although Ghauri’s family members refused to do so, because Shahrukh Khan was a Muslim, but later before their love, the family finally bowed down and the two got married. In this article we will try to reveal all the secret story of this beautiful couple which mostly people don’t know. So that Shahrukh fans can know more about him. Let’s read the Interesting Story of Shahrukh Khan Marriage with Gauri.

When Shahrukh Khan was only 19, then Gauri Khan (only Gauri at that time) was 14 years old. At the same time, Shahrukh had seen Gauri for the first time and that was his love at first site. When Shahrukh wanted to try to talk to Gauri, Gauri initially refused, but when Shahrukh continuously try to show her love and interest before Gauri, then Gauri had to agree to start their affiar. Actually Gauri was very much impressed by Shahrukh and this was 2 sided affair.

Gauri’s parents were not prepared for this marriage before, but after seeing the love of both, the parents of Gauri got ready. Meanwhile, when Shahrukh and Gauri’s affair were going on, Shahrukh was so possessive about Gauri that many times Gauri felt quite strange. So once Gauri decided to come to Mumbai with her friends without informing Shahrukh. When Shahrukh came to know about this, then instantly he came to Mumbai and searched for Gauri on every single beach, because he knew that Gauri loved it very much. On that day, Gauri decided that she wants to spend his entire life with Shahrukh.

How did Shahrukh Gauri meet

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri met during a party of their school in 1984. During that party, Shahrukh Khan saw Gauri dance with another boy and he fell in love with Gauri. Shahrukh Khan, through one of his friends, called Gauri that they want to dance with her. But Gauri refused and said that she is waiting for her boyfriend.

Actually, Gauri did not have any boyfriend, but she was waiting for his brother. When Shahrukh came to know of this, he said that he also wants to become a Gauri’s brother.

Passionate love of Shahrukh

Shahrukh was so passionate about Gauri that sometimes Gauri felt herself bound. So once Gauri came to Mumbai with her friends to take a break from Shahrukh.

When Shahrukh told this to his mother that Gauri has gone to Mumbai, then she gave a thousand rupees to Shahrukh and said that he would bring his love back. Shahrukh came to Mumbai. They knew that Gauri was very fond beaches. They found Gauri on every beach. Finally, on the bank of Aksa Beach, Shahrukh Khan got his girlfriend Gauri. Gauri started crying after seeing Shahrukh and both of them got hugged. At the same time, Gauri decided that she would marry only with Shahrukh.

Hiding their Love for Five Years

For five full years, Shahrukh Khan and Gauri hid their love from their family members. But when both showed that they wanted to marry each other then they told their parents.

The parents of Gauri earlier refused this marriage. Because Shahrukh Khan was a Muslim and Gauri was Hindu, But when Shahrukh and Gauri both oppose their family, then their finally agreed to marry and the marriage was done with pomp.

Shahrukh says that he loves Gauri because she is very honest and she has a good chemistry with Shahrukh.  This beautiful couple eventualy won and today they are living happy married life. This is the example of a true love.

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