Bollywood Actress Sridevi Passed Away | Sridevi Death News

Bollywood Actress Sridevi Passed Away | Sridevi Death News

Bollywood actress Sridevi has passed away last night in Dubai. 54 year old Sridevi breathed last last in Dubai. It is being told that Sridevi went to Dubai to attend a wedding ceremony There, Sridevi’s heart attack suddenly and she died there in Dubai.

With Sridevi, her husband, Bonnie Kapoor and daughter Honey, were present in Dubai. She had come to attend the marriage ceremony with the family, and after attending the marriage her health becomes worst and she got some first aid also. Doctors checked her and they said that it was a heart failure and declare her dead.

PM Modi has also mourned the sudden demise of Sridevi. The tweet on behalf of the Prime Minister’s office:

“I am unhappy with the sudden and sorrowful demise of famous actress Sridevi. In the long career, she played different types of memorable roles. I am with her family in this sad hour. may her soul rest in peace.”

Sridevi, who scattered the moonlight on the silver screen for two decades, had recently played a key role in the movie Mom. Earlier, in the English Winglish movie, she did a great return to the curtain. The names of big hits like Nageena, Khuda Khuda, Mr India and Chandni are also associated with her.

Sridevi’s name was in the beautiful actress of Bollywood. In Bollywood there is an atmosphere of sorrow and every actor and actress are revealing their feelings on this incident. Sridevi Death shocks the whole Bollywood and everyone is in sorrow.









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