Quick weight loss tips & tricks that lose your weight naturally in a week | at home | best exercise & foods

Quick weight loss tips & tricks that lose your weight naturally in a week | at home | best exercise & foods

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Quick weight loss tips & tricks that lose your weight naturally in a week | at home | best exercise & foods

If you are trying to lose your weight and you ask to the people about this then mostly these people give you one or two tips and also suggest you some diet-plan. According to these people weight lost is just like the game of kids. But in reality you know how difficult it is to lose your weight. That’s why we are sharing with you today quick weight loss tips & tricks that naturally lose your weight in a week and best exercise and food. So let’s start with this article.

The science of weight gain is quite straightforward. If you do not burn as much calories as you eat, it is decided that your weight will increase. In fact, the remaining calorie only gets accumulated in our body as fat and our weight gets overweight.

Before starting the weight loss process, you should know whether your present weight is correct or not. For this, please read this article, how to know if your weight is correct or not?(coming soon). From here you will find your Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a very simple tool that tells you how much fat is in your body according to your weight and length. Your BMI tells you which weight category you are in:

Under 18.5 – Underweight
18.5 to 25 – Normal Weight
25 to 29.9 – Overweight
More than 30 – Obese (excessive weight)

Now if you are overweight or obese then you need to reduce your weight. And if you need it, then you should also know the reason that why and how you have reached in this condition. In general, there are two reasons for weight gain:

1. Food:

The most important cause of growing weight is our diet. If our calorie intake is more then we get more chances of weight gain. Eating more fried, fast-food, desi ghee, cold-drink etc. gets more calories than needed in the body, which we can not burn without extra effort and the result is seen as our increased weight. If you know about how many calories your body needs every day and how much you can consume out of it, then your weight will never increase.

2. To be inactive

If your routine is such that you do not have to move more hands and feet, it is almost certain to increase your weight. Especially those who live in the house or sit in the chair all day, they should deliberately involve some physical activity in their daily-life. As they should use the stairs instead of the lift, play a game of your interest, such as badminton, table-tennis, etc. If you can afford a treadmill or a gym cycle and use it regularly, it will be quite beneficial. The cheapest and easiest way to do this is to get used to the habit of walking for a while everyday.

Now that you know the reason for growing weight, then it will lose or reduce depending on your will and information. Here I am sharing some similar tips to weight loss at home in a week. Hope this information will work for you.

Quick weight loss tips & tricks

1. Be patient: Remember that whatever weight your have today is not a two-day or two-month donation. This is the result of your life-style for a long time. And if you have to lose weight, then surely you have to be patient. If you have firm determination then you can do anything you want.So always be patient and have determination that i can do it.  So keep this think in your mind that it will take time to get the results. Maybe you do not see any difference in your weight in one or two weeks of the beginning , but this is the time where you have to be strong, have patience and have courage.

2. Do not give up: It is more important than anything else that you believe in the efforts you make for weight loss. If one side you are going to a gym daily, and on the other side someone your family members of your friends are saying that gym is not a effective way to lose your weight, then some time you may be disappointed, and this is the time where should have positive thoughts. Many people suggest you quick weight loss tips & tricks naturally in a week at home, but guys it is not so easy, you have to have firm determination.

3. Set your target: To lose your weight it is much important to set your target. First decide that in first month you will lose only 500 grams to 1 K.G .weight. For this you may consider any Bollywood superstar or you may put any photo of any cricketer on the wall of your bedroom. etc.  In the mean time you should also take care about your food and exercise.

4. Breakfast: Your breakfast should be very balanced for a good health and balanced weight. Mostly people do not give more attention on their breakfast, either they do not take healthy breakfast or they take more fatty food in their breakfast. So just keep in mind that in your breakfast you should take food with protein and fiber like egg, milk, butter, fruits and bread etc. Do not take much oily and fatty food in your breakfast.

5. Drink 5-8 liter water daily: In your daily routine you should drink at least 5-8 liter water. You may drink juice also, but do not drink cold drink and other beverages like tea and coffee too much. You may drink black or green tea whenever you want to drink, but dont drink tea of coffee with milk. Remember green tea is very powerful drink, and if you drink green drink continuously at least 1 month then you will definitely lose your weight.

6. Use Pedometer: This is a device that counts every step of you. Put it in your belt or in your pocket to count your steps and try to walk more than 1000 steps everyday. Those who have high weight usually walk only two to three thousand steps throughout the day. If they add 2000 steps to it, then their current weight will remain constant and the weight will not increase. A standard pedometer costs up to 1000 to 1500 rupees.

7. Keep a little diary with yourself: Write whatever you eat. Research has found that those who do this consume 12.5% fewer calories than others.

Mostly people have inaccurate calculation about their calories intake. Suppose you take 2500 calories in a day and you have calculate about 2000 calories, then it means you will workout only to burn 2000 calories to be fit as per your calculations. But even after your workout, when your weight does not loose then you might become disappointed. So always add 20% to 25% more calories in your calculations and then workout according to that. Know which food have how much calories (coming soon).

8. Eat a little more than 5-6 times instead of eating three times: In a research it was found that if a person eats 5-6 times a day, instead of eating in the morning, afternoon, evening, then he 30% consumes less calories and the body releases less insulin, which keep his blood sugar free and he also feels much energetic.

9. Walking at least 45 minutes a day: Walking 30 minutes daily will not let your weight grow, but if you want to reduce your weight, you should walk for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour daily. If you do this every day, without changing your diet, you can also reduce the weight of 1 K.G. in a month, and if you do this work in the fresh air in the morning, then the results may be more attractive. But for that you have to add the habit of getting up early in the morning.

10. Wear blue color: blue color reduces hunger. This is the reason that most restaurants don’t use this color. So you can use blue plates in the food, wear blue clothes, and put a blue tablecloth on the table. Avoid red, yellow, orange color against this.

11. Eat Water-rich food: A research from the Pennsylvania State University has found that eating a water-rich food, such as tomatoes, gourd, cucumber, etc. consumes your overall calorie consumption. Therefore, use them as much as possible. .

12. Use low-fat milk: Use skim milk to make tea, coffee, or just milk, which contains high calcium and low calories. You should drink black or green drink in spite of simple tea.

13. Don’t eat junk food: Do not eat junk food which has high fat and high calories. Eat too much at home, and if you can take home made food outside then take it.

14. Eat only when really hungry: Many times we just start eating without hunger. Many people also eat due to habit, boredom, or nervousness. Only eat the next time when you do not really have hunger. If you are searching for a specific item, this means that it is not hunger, but it is only the taste for which you are searching anything.

15. Eat fruits instead of drinking juice: Eat fruits rather than drinking juice, you will get the same benefits, and the fruits will also reduce your appetite.

16. Walk as much you can: The more you walk or run, the more your calories will burn. Using the stairs instead of the elevator, walking around will prove to be helpful for you. In the house you also try to climb your roof once or twice a whole day. Smaller efforts will give big results.

17. Do tough exercise:  You should do tough exercise or hard work everyday to maintain your body and weight. You can wash your car yourself in a week or you can clean your house, so that your body become more active and more you can burn more calories stored.

18. Take light meal at night: At night you should take very light dinner. Because mostly people take their dinner and just go to bed, in this way the calories intake by them does not burn and they store in their body as a fat, this increase the weight of their body. So in the night take very light meal, and after taking meal do not go to bed, walk at least 200-300 steps. If possible, then take your meal at least before 2-3 hours going to sleep.

19. Yoga: There are many yoga activities which helps you to reduce your weight. But the most powerful yoga practice is Kapalbhati, which helps to burn calories very fast. You can learn Kapalbhati very easily by watching videos on youtube. Soon we will bring you special article that how yoga can help you to reduce your weight, but in the mean time if you do only Kapalbhati then it is more than enough to reduce your weight.

20. Use lemon and honey: Eat lemon and honey with light lukewarm water every morning. By doing so, you will lose weight, but before doing lemon and honey you must consult your doctor whether it is suitable for you or not, because sometime if someone is taking some medicines then this combination of lemon and honey may harm them.

Remember that you have to be patient to reduce weight. By focusing on small things, you will be able to do this work faster. And it is very important to believe in what you are doing during this time. We wish you that you lose your wight within 1 month by following our tips. In this article we suggest you quick weight loss tips & tricks which reduce your weight naturally in a week at home.  Thanks to read our article, good bye!!!

Sunny Deol Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Son, Educational Qualification, First Movie and Height

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Sunny Deol Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Son, Educational Qualification, First Movie and Height

Sunny Deol is an Indian film actor and the elder son of Indian He man Dharmendra. He has done many good films in Hindi cinema. He is known for films like Ghatak, Damini and Gadar. Sunny Deol has won two Filmfare and two National Awards in the film career till now. His famous dialogue is “Ye dhai kilo ka haath jab kisi par padta hai naa, to aadmi uthta nahi uuth jaata hai”.  In this article we will discuss about Sunny Deol Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Son, Educational Qualification, First Movie and his Height.


Sunny Deol was born on October 19, 1956 in the house of actor Dharmendra. His mother’s name is Prakash Kaur. His stepmother Hema Malini has also been a successful actress of Hindi cinema, and she is now the leader of the BJP. Sunny has one younger brother Bobby Deol who is a film actor and  two real sisters and two half-sisters. His real sisters Ajitha and Vijayta live in California. His half-sisters – Isha Deol and Ahna Deol also work in Bollywood. He has a cousin Abhay Deol who is also a successful actor of Hindi films.


Sunny Deol has been married to Pooja Deol. They have two sons- Karan Deol and Rajveer Deol.


Sunny Deol belongs with a film family, his father Dharmendra was the famous actor of Indian cinema in the past. He was also known as Heman of Hindi cinema. His son, Sunny Deol made Dharmendra name bright by his good acting. Sunny Deol started his career in the film Betaab in the year 1984. In this movie, his opposite actress Amrita Singh was in the light. The film earned a lot of good at the box office. This film gave him the first Filmfare Award. In the year 1985, Sunny appeared in the role of an unemployed youth in Arjuna, in which audience and critics liked his acting . This film was one of the hit films of that year. After this he gave many back-to-bank hit films in Hindi cinema, which included films like Yateem, Chaalbaaz and Sultanat

In the 90’s, Sunny worked in several super blockbuster hit films. In this decade he worked in Ghayal a film directed by Raj Kumar Santoshi, which gave him a national award along with the Filmfare Award. He had hit films including films such as Dar, Ghatak, Ziddi, Border.

In the year 2001, he made a film Farz. In this film, his oposite actress Preity Zinta was seen. The film had made a lot of money at the box-office, as well as the critics also became a fan of Sunny’s best acting. After that, Sunny appeared in film Gadar  ek Prem Katha. In the film, his opposite actress Ameesha Patel was seen. This movie was based on the relationship between India-Pakistan. During this time the film was also opposed in many places, but despite this, the film earned record breaks at the box-office. Everything in the film was super hit during that time, whether it were the songs or Sunny’s strong dialogue. After this he appeared in another great film Indian. In this film he played the role of a patriot police officer. Then he appeared in the movie Maa Tujhe Salaam. In both of the films he appeared in the role of a patriot.

In 2003, he appeared in the movie Hero-The Spy, in which the pair of Preity Zinta and Priyanka Chopra were seen. His character was a detective in the film. Due to his strong acting, the crowd gathered outside the theaters, and his film proved to be a super hit. This movie was the third most successful movie of that year.

After that, he appeared in his film Yamla Pagla Deewana along with his father Dharmendra and his younger brother Bobby Deol. The film earned well on the box office. After this, he made several films which could not succeed in the audience.

Famous Films

Yamla Pagla Deewana-2, Yamla Pagla Deewana, Right ya Wrong, Big Brother, Apne, Phool N Final, Teesri Aankh, Kaifila, Gadar, Indian, Champion, Damini & many more.

Sunny Deol Biography in Brief

Nickname Sunny
Profession Actor, Director, Producer
Age 60 Years
Date of Birth 19-Oct-57
Birthplace Sahnewal, Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Nationality Indian
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Libra
Caste Jatt
Hometown Sahnewal, Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Debut Betaab (1983)
Height in Centimeters 174 cm
Height in meters 1.74 m
Height in Inches 5’ 8½”
Weight in Kilograms 78 kg
Weight in Pounds 171 lbs
Body Measurements 44-34-16 Inches
Chest Size 44 Inches
Waist Size 34 Inches
Biceps Size 16 Inches
Shoe Size 10 Inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Father Dharmendra (Actor)
Mother Prakash Kaur (real mother), Hema Malini (step-mother, actress)
Brother Bobby Deol (Actor, younger)
Sisters Vijayta (settled in California, USA), Ajeeta (settled in California, USA), Esha Deol (half-sister), Abhana Deol (half-sister)
Religion Hinduism
Marital Status Married
Girlfriends Dimple Kapadia
Wife/ Spouse Pooja Deol
Sons Karan and Rajvir
Daughter Not Known
School Sacred Heart Boys High School, Maharashtra
College/ University Ramniranjan Anandilal Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai
Hobbies Photography, Working out at gym, Trekking
Net Worth $50 Million
Salary Per Movie (for acting): 5 Crores (INR)
House Address Plot No. 22, 10th Road, Juhu Scheme, Mumbai, India

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui Biography, Wife, Age, House, Upcoming & Hollywood Movies, Educational Qualification, Height

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui Biography, Wife, Age, House, Upcoming & Hollywood Movies, Educational Qualification, Height

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is an Indian film actor who works in Hindi cinema. In the opening round of his film career, after being given a lot of non-negotiable character, he was given a special jury award in the 2012 National Film Award. After that he was also given Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2013. In this article we will discuss about Nawazuddin Siddiqui Biography, Wife, Age, House, Upcoming & Hollywood Movies, Educational Qualification and his Height.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui was born on May 19, 1974 in the small village of Muzaffarnagar district and Tehsil Budhana in the western part of Uttar Pradesh state of India. He was born in a landlord Muslim family. He is the eldest of his eight siblings. He obtained the degree of science graduate from Gurukul Kangri University of Haridwar. After this, he had worked as a Chemist for a year in Vadodara before moving to Delhi. Once in Delhi, after watching a play, he got an interest in acting. After that he got admitted to the National School of Drama in Delhi and then he did about 10 plays with his friends.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Film Career

After graduating, Nawazuddin Siddiqui entered the National School of Drama (NSD) and then went to Mumbai. Year 2004 proved to be the most struggling year of his life, at this time he was also unable to pay rent of his house. To stay, he also asked his senior of N.S.D. and his senior also gave him his apartment to stay in Goregaon, but his condition was that he had to cook for his senior everyday.

Siddiqui had made his Bollywood debut in 1999, he had a small role in Aamir Khan’s film Sarfarosh. After that, he played the role of a messenger in the film Jungle, but after that he only started getting the role. After this he had worked with Sunil Dutt and Sanjay Dutt in Munnabhai MBBS .

After sometime after being established in Mumbai, he started searching for work in television, but he did not get any success in that. After this, in 2003, he did a short film bypassed, in which he worked with Irfan Khan. Apart from this, between 2002 to 2005, he was away from almost all films and he started living in the flat with his colleagues, and at that time he did very small roles in plays to maintain his expenses.

After this, he played a powerful role in Anurag Kashyap’s film Black Friday (2007). The film was included in the Berlin International Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival due to his role as a Wedding Singer Chakku. According to famous film critic Roger Ebert, this film changed his acting style. In 2009, he made a cameo role in the song “Emotional Atyachaar”, film of Dev D . He played the role of Rangeela and Raseela in this song. After this, critics’ eyes were spotted on him in the movie New York. But he got his international identity after doing the role of journalist in production film of Aamir Khan Peepli Live (2010).

After this, he appeared in a 2012 successful film Kahani, in which he played the role of short-tempered intelligence officer Khan. After that, he appeared in a new style in Anurag Kashyap’s film Gangs of Wasseypur.  After this from 2012-2014 Siddiqu did so many films and he established himself as a successful actor in Bollywood.

In 2015, Siddiqui’s film, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Manjhi – The Mountain Man were released, and in both of these films, the audience and critics praised his performance very much. After this, Siddiqi looked in the movie Haramkhor in Gujarat. For his performance in Haramkhor, he also got the Best Actor Award at the New York Indian Film Festival.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Personal Life

Siddiqui lives in Mumbai with his younger brother, Shamas Nawab Siddiqui. His brother is a director. Nawazuddin has married Anjali and has a daughter, Shora and a son, who was born on his 41th birthday.

Sidharth Malhotra Biography, Educational Qualification, Movies, Age, Height, Family, relation with Alia Bhatt

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Sidharth Malhotra Biography, Educational Qualification, Movies, Age, Height, Family, relation with Alia Bhatt

Sidharth Malhotra was born on January 16, 1985 in Delhi. Sidharth started his career with modeling, and after that he tried his luck in the film industry and started working as co-director with Karan Johar, in the film “My name is Khan” in 2010, and after that as an actor, he started his career with Karan Johar’s film “Student of the Year” in 2012. Besides Sidharth Director Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Alia Bhatt and Director David Dhawan’s son Varun Dhawan also started their Bollywood career with this movie. So this movie was the debut movie for these three Bollywood superstars, and all the credit goes to Karan Johar. So in this article we will talk about Sidharth Malhotra Biography, Educational Qualification, Movies, Age, Height, Family and the relation with Alia.

 Early life and Educational Qualification

Sidharth Malhotra was born in a Punjabi family in Delhi and his father Sunil Malhotra was an employee in the Indian merchant navy. After completing the school’s studies in two schools in Delhi at the age of 18, Sidharth Malhotra took admission in Delhi University’s “Shaheed Bhagat Singh College” as well as started his career in the modeling world, but even after a  successful modeling for four years, he decided to leave the modeling because he was not satisfied with his career. He was not getting as much success as he wanted. After that he also auditioned for a role, but the film was later postponed. After which he worked as a co-director with Karan Johar and then work in the film Student of the year, which was a turning point of his career.


When Sidharth Malhotra started his career with his debut film, “Student of the year”, his performance was not only appreciated by film critic Rajeev Masand, but the film was also successful with earnings point of view.

After that, Sidharth has also worked on the second film, “Hansi To Fansi”, in which Ada Sharma and Parineeti Chopra were co-artists with him, and it was a romantic comedy movie and after this, Sidharth Malhotra did Mohit Suri’s romantic thriller “Ek Villain”. It can be seen that everyone can have different views but if we talk about matter of earnings, then the film was also a successful film and in such a way, Siddharth was involved in new artists who are successful.

Social Activities

If we talk about other than Bollywood, then we come to know that Sidharth is very nice person. Sidharth has very good image in Bollywood about his social activities, because he has funded for social work in many ways like charity and help people in Uttrakhand during floods.


In addition to this, if we talk about Sidharth relationships, then his name has been associated with his fellow actress Alia Bhatt in media and news channels, but Sidharth has clearly explained all this to rumors and he said that he wants to do only work and there is still a lot of time for marriage.


Apart from this, very few people know that Sidharth Malhotra is very shy by nature. Although on-screen his pair looks very cute and hot with Alia but in the case of girls Siddhartha is quite shyly known.

Sidharth Movies 2012-2018

Aiyaary (2018)
Sidharth Malhotra , Manoj Bajpayee , Pooja Chopra , Rakul Preet
Ittefaq (2017)
Sidharth Malhotra , Sonakshi Sinha , Akshaye Khanna , Mandira Bedi
A Gentleman (2017)
Sidharth Malhotra , Jacqueline Fernandez , Suniel Shetty , Darshan Kumaar
Baar Baar Dekho (2016)
Katrina Kaif , Sidharth Malhotra , Sarika , Ram Kapoor
Kapoor & Sons (2016)
Alia Bhatt , Sidharth Malhotra , Fawad Khan , Rishi Kapoor
Brothers (2015)
Akshay Kumar , Sidharth Malhotra , Jackie Shroff , Jacqueline Fernandez
Sidharth Malhotra , Riteish Deshmukh , Shraddha Kapoor , Aamna Shariff
Hasee Toh Phasee (2014)
Sidharth Malhotra , Parineeti Chopra , Adah Sharma , Sharat Saxena
Student Of The Year (2012)
Siddharth Malhotra , Varun Dhawan , Alia Bhatt , Rishi Kapoor

Sidharth Malhotra Biography in Brief

Real Name Sidharth Malhotra
Nickname Sid
Profession Actor and Model
Age 32 Years
Date of Birth 16-Jan-85
Birthplace Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Caste Punjabi
Hometown Delhi, India
Debut Film Debut: Student of the Year (2012)
TV Debut: Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan (2006)
Height in Centimeters 185 cm
Height in meters 1.85 m
Height in Inches 6’ 1”
Weight in Kilograms 80 kg
Weight in Pounds 176 lbs
Body Measurements 42-30-16 Inches
Chest Size 42 Inches
Waist Size 30 Inches
Biceps Size 16 Inches
Shoe Size 10 Inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Father Sunil Malhotra (former employee in Merchant Navy)
Mother Rimma Malhotra (Housewife)
Brother Harshad Malhotra (Elder, banker)
Sister None
Religion Hinduism
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriends Alia Bhatt (Actor)
Educational Qualification B.Com (Hons.)
School Don Bosco School, Delhi
Navy Children School, Delhi
College/ University Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, New Delhi
Hobbies Gymming and drawing cartoons
Net Worth $ 15 Million
Salary 3-5 Crores/film (INR)
House Address Plush apartment in Mumbai

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Interesting Story of Shahrukh Khan Marriage with Gauri

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Interesting Story of Shahrukh Khan Marriage with Gauri

If Shahrukh Khan is Bollywood’s King Khan, then Gauri Khan is also given the title of Queen of Bollywood. Both Shahrukh and Gauri spent their good and bad time of their life together.  Their love is not less than any example for people today. Shah Rukh and Gauri loved each other from the time of school and after the many years of affair, both told their families about their love. Although Ghauri’s family members refused to do so, because Shahrukh Khan was a Muslim, but later before their love, the family finally bowed down and the two got married. In this article we will try to reveal all the secret story of this beautiful couple which mostly people don’t know. So that Shahrukh fans can know more about him. Let’s read the Interesting Story of Shahrukh Khan Marriage with Gauri.

When Shahrukh Khan was only 19, then Gauri Khan (only Gauri at that time) was 14 years old. At the same time, Shahrukh had seen Gauri for the first time and that was his love at first site. When Shahrukh wanted to try to talk to Gauri, Gauri initially refused, but when Shahrukh continuously try to show her love and interest before Gauri, then Gauri had to agree to start their affiar. Actually Gauri was very much impressed by Shahrukh and this was 2 sided affair.

Gauri’s parents were not prepared for this marriage before, but after seeing the love of both, the parents of Gauri got ready. Meanwhile, when Shahrukh and Gauri’s affair were going on, Shahrukh was so possessive about Gauri that many times Gauri felt quite strange. So once Gauri decided to come to Mumbai with her friends without informing Shahrukh. When Shahrukh came to know about this, then instantly he came to Mumbai and searched for Gauri on every single beach, because he knew that Gauri loved it very much. On that day, Gauri decided that she wants to spend his entire life with Shahrukh.

How did Shahrukh Gauri meet

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri met during a party of their school in 1984. During that party, Shahrukh Khan saw Gauri dance with another boy and he fell in love with Gauri. Shahrukh Khan, through one of his friends, called Gauri that they want to dance with her. But Gauri refused and said that she is waiting for her boyfriend.

Actually, Gauri did not have any boyfriend, but she was waiting for his brother. When Shahrukh came to know of this, he said that he also wants to become a Gauri’s brother.

Passionate love of Shahrukh

Shahrukh was so passionate about Gauri that sometimes Gauri felt herself bound. So once Gauri came to Mumbai with her friends to take a break from Shahrukh.

When Shahrukh told this to his mother that Gauri has gone to Mumbai, then she gave a thousand rupees to Shahrukh and said that he would bring his love back. Shahrukh came to Mumbai. They knew that Gauri was very fond beaches. They found Gauri on every beach. Finally, on the bank of Aksa Beach, Shahrukh Khan got his girlfriend Gauri. Gauri started crying after seeing Shahrukh and both of them got hugged. At the same time, Gauri decided that she would marry only with Shahrukh.

Hiding their Love for Five Years

For five full years, Shahrukh Khan and Gauri hid their love from their family members. But when both showed that they wanted to marry each other then they told their parents.

The parents of Gauri earlier refused this marriage. Because Shahrukh Khan was a Muslim and Gauri was Hindu, But when Shahrukh and Gauri both oppose their family, then their finally agreed to marry and the marriage was done with pomp.

Shahrukh says that he loves Gauri because she is very honest and she has a good chemistry with Shahrukh.  This beautiful couple eventualy won and today they are living happy married life. This is the example of a true love.

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Shashi Kapoor Family, Son, Movies, Wife, Funeral, Daughter, Height, Biography

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Shashi Kapoor Family, Son, Movies, Wife, Funeral, Daughter, Height, Biography

Shashi Kapoor is the most senior and versatile Indian film actor and producer of Indian Film Industry. Shashi Kapoor is one of the member of the Kapoor Empire of Indian Bollywood cinema. He has worked in many Hindi films and English language films. He has also worked as Film Director and Assistant Director in the Hindi Film Industry and got so many awards for his best performance in the films. His best film for which Shashi Kapoor is known is Deewar with Amitabh Bachchan and his famous dialogue ‘Mere Pass Ma Hai’ is also memorable by his fans. In this article we will discuss about Shashi Kapoor Family, Son, Movies, Wife, Funeral, Daughter, Height, Biography.

Shashi Kapoor’s Personal Life

Kapoor was born in 18-March-1938 in Calcutta (Kolkata) during the British Raj. He is the youngest and third son of Prithviraj Kapoor, and younger brother of Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor.

Educational Qualification

Shashi Kapoor received elementary education from Don Bosco High School from Matunga, Mumbai. In 1956, when he was working in his theater group, he met English actress Jennifer Kendall. Shashi was the Assistant stage manager and actor in his father’s Theater Group, Prithvi Theater.


At that time, the Shakespearean group of Geoffrey Kendall was also present in Calcutta and Jennifer was the daughter of Geoffrey. After frequent meeting, they both fell in love with each other and after that Kendal (Jennifer’s father) started to oppose Shashi Kapoor, but on the other hand Gita Bali was also helping him. As a result, they got married in July 1958.


After this they worked together in many films. They have three children: Kunal Kapoor, Karan Kapoor and Sanjana Kapoor. On November 5, 1978, Jennifer and Shashi re-established the Prithvi Theater in Mumbai. In 1984, Jennifer died due to cancer, and Shashi Kapoor felt a deep shock. English actress Felicity Kendall was his friend.

Shashi Kapoor with his wife and kids

After this Kapoor’s son also became a Hindi film actor in a short time, but due to his European looks and Hindi accent, his career was not much successful and long. His eldest son, Kunal, has married the daughter of director Ramesh Sippy. After this, Kunal started filming the advertising films and he also set up his own production house Adfilm-Vilas, which is today one of the successful production houses.

Shashi’s daughter Sanjana married wildlife conservationist Valmik Thapar. The youngest son of Shashi is a successful model which later settled in London. He is also a successful photographer.

Shashi Kapoor’s Career

Shashi used to act in the Prithvi Theater while traveling with his father Prithviraj Kapoor. In 1940, he started acting in films as a child. In films like Sangram (1950) and Dana Pani (1953), he worked with the name of Shashiraj.

His most successful performance as a child artist was in the film Aag (1948) and Awara (1951), in which he played the childhood character of Heroes, and in the film Sangram (1950), he played Ashok Kumar’s childhood. From 1948 to 1954 as a child artist, he has worked in four Hindi films.

In the film Post Box 999, Shashi Kapoor got an opportunity to work as Assistant Director, which was Sunil Dutt’s Debut film and he also worked as an Assistant Director in Ravindra Dave’s Guest House (1959). After this, he did the same thing in Raj Kapoor’s Dulha Dulhan and Mr. Satyavadi.

As the main actor, Shashi Kapoor had a debut from Dharmaputra in the 1961 film, and after that he made a total of 116 Hindi films, in 61 movies out of which he was a solo actor and 55 films were multi-actor and in 21 films he worked as co-star and in 7 films, he has also played a guest role.

From the 60s and 70s to the 80s, he was one of the Bollywood’s most famous actor. Kapoor’s earlier films include Dharmaputra, Premchand and Chaar Diwari, which are Hindi films. From 1961 he started working in English language films, including The Household and Shakespeare-Wallah. He is the first Indian actor to act on international level.

After this, Nanda, the most famous actress of that time, decided to do 8 films with Kapoor, because she was confident that people would love their pair very much. His first two films include Char Divari (1961) and Mehndi Laagi Mere Haath (1962), in these thrilling films, critics gave much praise to his acting.

In 1960, Kapoor made many romantic films with Nanda, Mohabbat Isko Kehte Hain (1965), Jab Jab Phool Khile (1965), Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare (1966), Raja Saab (1969) and Ruth Naa Karo (1970 ) is included.

In an interview held in 1990, Kapoor confirmed that Nanda is one of his favorite actress and they consider her, his acting master. In another interview after this, Nanda also called Shashi Kapoor as her favorite actor.


On July 20, 2012, Shashi Kapoor conducted a cataract surgery in Sabarban Hospital in Andheri, Mumbai. On the same day he was discharged from the hospital.

Shashi Kapoor Death

On December 4, 2017, he took his last breathe in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai due to chest infection.

Shashi Kapoor Awards

• 2011 – Government of India awarded him Padma Bhushan.
• 2015 – Dadasaheb Phalke Award
• 1994 – National Film Award – Special Jury Award (for the 1993 film Muhafis)
• 1986 – National Film Award for Best Actor for New Delhi Times

Shashi Kapoor Biography in Brief

Real Name Balbir Raj Prithviraj Kapoor
Nickname Shashi Kapoor
Profession Actor, director, producer
Age 79 Years
Date of Birth 18-Mar-38
Birthplace Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India
Nationality Indian
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Pisces
Caste Punjabi
Hometown Mumbai
Debut Film (As a child artist)- Aag (1948)
Film (As an adult)- Dharamputra (1961)
Director- Ajooba (1991)
Producer- Junoon (1978)
Height in Centimeters 175 cm
Height in meters 1.75 m
Height in Inches 5’ 9”
Weight in Kilograms 75 kg
Weight in Pounds 165 lbs
Body Measurements 38-34-13 Inches
Chest Size 38 Inches
Waist Size 34 Inches
Biceps Size 13 Inches
Shoe Size 10 Inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Father Prithviraj Kapoor (Director)
Mother Ramsarni Mehra Kapoor
Brothers Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor (Both Actors)
Sister Urmila Sial Kapoor
Religion Hinduism
Marital Status Widow
Girlfriends Nanda, Neetu Singh, Simmy
Wife/ Spouse Jennifer Kendal (m. 1958-1984; till her death)
Sons Karan Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor
Daughter Sanjana Kapoor
Educational Qualification Not Available
School Don Bosco High School in Matunga, Bombay
Favorite Actor Raj Kapoor
Favorite Actress Nanda
Net Worth $40 million

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Govinda Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Educational Qualification, First Movie, House, Height

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Govinda Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Educational Qualification, First Movie, House, Height

Govinda Biography

Govind Arun Ahuja who is also known as Govinda, is an Indian film actor, comedian and former politician who is known for his best work in Hindi films. Govinda is also famous for its unique dance form. Govinda is very senior film actor who is working in Bollywood for a long time. He came in Indian film industry in the decade of 80’s, and till then he is continuously giving his performance to Indian Cinema. Today in this article we will discuss about Govinda Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Educational Qualification, First Movie, House and his Height.

Govinda Early Life

Govinda was born on December 21, 1963. His father is former actor Arun Kumar and his mother is singer-actress Nirmala Devi. He was born in a Punjabi-Sindhi family. Arun is particularly famous for Mehboob Khan’s film, Aurat (1940).

Govinda’s father produced a single film and shortly afterwards his first film, he was surrounded by diseases. His family lived on Carter Road in Mumbai but later they were shifted from there to North Mumbai, where Govinda was born. Govinda is the youngest among the six children of his parents. In the house he was given the nickname “Chi-Chi”, whose Punjabi meaning is “small finger”, at home he was called by this name.

His brother Kirti Kumar is an actor, producer and director. His sister, Kamini Khanna is a writer, music director and singer.

Govinda Family and Kids

Govinda’s Uncle Anand Singh (assistant director of Hrishikesh Mukherjee), launched Govinda to the film’s Tan Badan. Anand Singh’s cousen, Sunita, had fallen in love with Govinda and they married on March 11, 1987.

They have two children: one daughter Tina and one son Yashvardhana. Tina debuted in the 2015 film ‘Secondhand Husband’ in Bollywood.

In the field of entertainment, Govinda has six nephews and two nieces: Actor Vinay Anand, Krishna Abhishek, Aryan, Arjun Singh, Ragini Khanna, Amit Khanna, Aarti Singh and Director Janender Kumar Ahuja.


During the decade of 1980’s, Govinda made many family, drama, action and romance films. In the 80’s, he made his mark in Bollywood as an action hero, and in the 90’s he made his identity as a comedian. At one time when his films were constantly getting failure, he came back with Amitabh Bachchan and gave a super hit movie.

In the coming decade, he played the role of NCC cadet in the 1992 film Shola and Shabnam, in which he worked with Divya Bharati. Govinda has also played the role of hero in many comedy films, mainly in the movie Aakhey (1993), Raja Babu (1994), Coolie No 1 (1995), Hero No. 1 (1997) and Hasina Manoj Jayegi (1999).

For the movie Haseena Maan Jayegi, in which he worked with Karishma Kapoor, got Filmfare Best Comedian Award, and he won the Filmfare Special Award for Saajan Chale Sasural. After this, Govinda also played the role of the double role in many films, which were primarily known as Pyara (1992), Aankhe (1993), Bade Miya Chote Miya (1998) and Anararee No. 1 (1999).

After this, he had played 6 roles together in the film Had Kar di Aapne (2000). These roles were Raju and his mother, father, sister, big mother and big father.

But after doing so many flops in the box office in 2000, he collaborated with Akshay Kumar in Bhagam Bhag (2006), in partner (2007), Life Partner (2009) with Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif,   for many successful film. After this, in the year 2015, he also played the role of Judge at the ZEE TV Dance Reality Show, Dance India Dance Super Mom Season 2 on the place of Mithun Chakraborty.


During his lifetime, Govinda has won 12 Filmfare Award nominations, a Special Filmfare Award and Best Comedian Filmfare Award and four Zee Cine Awards. Along With this, Govinda has also been a member of the Parliament House from 2004 to 2009. The first film of Govinda came in 1986 and till now, he has filmed about 165 Hindi films. He was at the tenth position in the list of the most votes in the BBC News Online poll.

Govinda (Member of Indian National Congress) was appointed in 2004 as a member of the Parliament House from the North Mumbai area of ​​Maharashtra in the 14th Lok Sabha elections. In the Lok Sabha elections, he had defeated Ram Naik of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Govinda had a painful accident on January 5, 1994 while going to the studio for the shoot of the movie Khudaar. Govinda’s car collided with another car and that caused serious injuries to his head. But still Govinda did not refuse for shoot, and after taking advice from the doctor, he worked till midnight.

Govinda Political Career

In 2004, Govinda joined the Congress party and after this he was appointed as a member of the Parliament House from Mumbai in the Lok Sabha elections. In those elections, he won by 50,000 votes.

At the time of election, he had told that his agenda is migration, health and knowledge. In the field of migration he has done a lot of work in Borivali-Virar. According to official sources, he had done many things in the field of health and education too. Thane district collector in an interview said that Govinda had given money to overcome the problem of drinking water in Vasai and Virar with his “local area development fund”.

Govinda Biography in Brief

Real Name Govind Arun Ahuja
Nickname Govinda, Chi Chi and Virar ka Chokra
Profession Actor, Politician
Age 54 Years
Date of Birth 21-Dec-63
Birthplace Virar, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Caste Punjabi
Hometown Virar, Maharashtra, India
Debut Film Debut: Ilzaam (1986)
Height in Centimeters 171 cm
Height in meters 1.71 m
Height in Inches 5’ 7½”
Weight in Kilograms 85 kg
Weight in Pounds 187 lbs
Body Measurements 44-36-14 Inches
Chest Size 44 Inches
Waist Size 36 Inches
Biceps Size 14 Inches
Shoe Size 10 Inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Father Arun Kumar Ahuja (Actor)
Mother Nirmala Ahuja
Brother Kirti Kumar (Actor)
Sister Kamini Khanna (Writer)
Niece Aarti Singh (Actress)
Marital Status Married
Girlfriends Neelam Kothari (Actress)
Rani Mukherji (Actress)
Wife/ Spouse Sunita Ahuja
Son Yashvardhan Ahuja
Daughter Tina Ahuja (Actor)
Educational Qualification Not Available
School Not Available
College/ University Annasaheb Vartak College, Vasai, Maharashtra
Favorite Actor Salman Khan
Favorite Actress Priyanka Chopra
Favorite Movie Barfi
Hobbies Dancing
Net Worth $25 Million
Salary 2-3 Crores/film (INR)
House Address 105, “Jal Darshan”, “A” Wing, Ruia Park Road, Juhu, Mumbai – 400049

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Dharmendra Biography, Age, Educational Qualification, Family, First Wife, first Movie, Height, House

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Dharmendra Biography, Age, Educational Qualification, Family, First Wife, first Movie, Height, House

Dharmendra Biography & Educational Qualification

Dharmendra – Dharam Singh Deol is an Indian film actor and 14th Indian Lok Sabha member. So let’s discuss about such a successful actor. In 1997, he was given the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to Hindi cinema. People working in action films used to call them “Action King” and “He-Man”. His most admired character appears in the 1975 film Sholay. In tis article we will discuss about Dharmendra Biography, Age, Educational Qualification, Family, First Wife, first Movie, Height and his House.

Dharmendra was born in the name of Dharam Singh Deol in Nasrali village of Ludhiana district of Punjab in 8 December 1935. His father’s name is Kewal Kishan Singh Deol and mother’s name is Satwant Kaur. His native village was near Pakhwal in Ludhiana. He spent his early life in village ‘Saahnewal’ and got education from Government Senior Secondary School, Lalton, of Kalan, Ludhiana,where his father was the headmaster of the school. He completed Intermediate studies from Ramgriya College of Phagwara in 1952.

Dharmendra with his wife Prakash kaur and Kids

Dharmendra Film career

After winning the Film Talent Award, Dharmendra came Mumbai from Punjab with the intention of finding work. In the 1960’s, Arjun Hingori’s film Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere, he did a debut in Bollywood. Subsequently, he appeared in the role of co-star in the 1961 film Boy Friend, and again between 1960 and 1967 he worked in many romantic films.

He has worked with Nutan in Surat and Sirat (1962), Bandini (1963), Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya (1966) and Dulhan Ek Raat Ki (1967) , with Mala Singh in Anpadh (1962), Pooja Ke Phool ( 1964), Bahare Phir Bhi Aayengi. He also worked with Nanda in Aakashdeep, with Sayra Banu in ‘Shaadi’ and Aayi Milan Ki Bela (1964), with Meena Kumari ‘Mai Bhi Ladki Hoon’ (1964), Kajal (1965) , ‘Poornima’ (1965) and Phool Or Pathar (1966).

He had a solo role in the movie ‘Phool or Pathar’ (1966), which was also his first action film, and after this movie people started to recognize him as an Action Hero and after that he came in ‘Mera Gao Mera Desh’ (1971) in the role of action film. This film was a superhit film and after this the stardum of Dharmendra became very high.

Phool or Pathar proved to be the highest-grossing film of 1966 and Dharmendra got the first nomination for Best Actor Filmfare for it. In the movie Anupama, his character and acting were highly praised. He did both romantic and action films since 1975 and for this reason people called him a versatile actor. During this time, he also filmed many comedy films including Tum Haseen Mai Jawaan, Do Chaar, Chupke Chupke, Dillagi, Nokar Biwi Ka.

His most successful co-artist was Hema Malini, who later became his wife. Both of them have worked together in many films, including Raja Jani, Sita or Geeta, Sharafat, Naya Zamana, Pathar or Payal, Tum Haseen Mai Jawaan, Jugnu, Dost, Charas, Maa, Chacha Bhatija, Azaad and Sholay. India times also told Sholay to be the “Top 25 Must See Bollywood Film of All Time“. In 2005, the Judge of the 50th Annual Filmfare Award also gave Sholay the Filmfare Best Film of 50 Years award.

From 1974 to 1984, Dharmendra did most of the action films like Dharam-Veer, Charas, Azad, Kaatilo ke Kaatil, Ghazb, Rajput, Bhagwat, Jaani Dost, Dharam or Kanoon, Mai Intequaam Loonga, Jeene Nahi Doonga, Huqumat and Raj Tilak. With Rajesh Khanna, he did the movie Mohattat ki Kasam (1986).

He has worked with many directors with whom he has made different types of films. His longest association with Arjun Hingorani, which was from 1960 to 1991. After this, he worked closely with Director Pramod Chakraborty in Naya Zamana, Dream Girl, Azad and Jugnu. After this, Dharmendra played dual role (Hero and Villan) in the film ‘Yakeen’ (1969); After this, father and son in Samadhi (1972) twin brother in movie ‘Gazab’ (1982) and triple role in Jio Shaan Se.

Dharmendra has worked with everyone except Prithviraj and Kareena Kapoor. Along with this, he also made his local language in Punjabi, Kankan de Ole (guest’s role) (1970), Do Sher (1974), Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam (1974), teri mera ek zindari (1975), Putt jattan de (1982) ) and Kurbani Jattan di (1990). Between 1980 and 1990, he made several films as a lead actor and co-star.

In 1997, he received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award. Dharmendra became emotional while taking the award from Dilip Kumar and his wife Saira Banu. He said that

“Despite having done in many successful and super hit films, he never got the Filmfare Award for Best Actor.”

So far he has worked in more than 100 successful films. At that occasion Dilip Kumar Said that

“Whenever I will meet to God, I will complain to them only that they have not made me as beautiful as Dharmendra?”.

Dharmendra also experimented in production, he launched his two sons in the films. Sunny Deol was launched in Betab (1983) and Bobby Deol (Barsaat) (1995) and nephew Abhay Deol in Socha na Tha (2005). Along with this, he was also the director of his film Satyakam (1969) and Kya Kya Aur Kaise (1970).

Dharmendra’s Political career

Dharmendra is very active in politics. As a BJP candidate for the 2004 General Election, he won the elections from Bikaner in Rajasthan and was also became a member of the Parliament. During his election campaign, he had expressed his views to several important issues and tried to explain the meaning of democracy to the people of the country. But during this time he also made many critical accusations. Despite being a member of Parliament, he used to attend a very little parliament. Because he spent most of his time in shooting films and farmhouse only.

Dharmendra as a Producer

In 1983, Deol started the production company which name was ‘Vijeta’. As a producer, his debut film was Betab, which was released in 1983, in which his son Sunny Deol was in the lead role. His film proved to be Blockbuster. In 1990, he produced Action Film ‘Ghayal’, in which he presented his son Sunny Deol. This movie won seven Filmfare Awards, including Best Movie Award and in the category of entertainment this film also won the National Award.

Personal life

In 1954 Dharmendra did the first marriage with Prakash Kaur, at the age of 19. From his first marriage, he has two sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. Both are the most successful actors and they have two daughters Vijeta Deol and Ajit Deol too.

After coming to Mumbai and after establishing film business, Dharmendra married Hema Malini in 1980. He had two daughters, Isha Deol and Ahana Deolwith Hema Mailini.

Dharmendra’s Award

Citizen Award – 2012 – Padma Bhushan. India’s third highest award
National Film Award – 1991 – National Film Award for the Filmmaker (producer)

Dharmendra Biography in Brief

Real Name Dharmendra Singh Deol
Nickname Dharam
Profession Actor, Politician
Age 82 Years
Date of Birth 8-Dec-35
Birthplace Sahnewal, Punjab, British India
Nationality Indian
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Caste Jatt
Hometown Dangon Village, Punjab (Near Ludhiana). He is settled in Mumbai from many years
Debut Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere (1960)
Height in Centimeters 178 cm
Height in meters 1.78 m
Height in Inches 5′ 10″
Weight in Kilograms 78 Kg
Weight in Pounds 171 lbs
Body Measurements 40-32-13 Inches
Chest Size 40 Inches
Waist Size 32 Inches
Biceps Size 13 Inches
Shoe Size 10 Inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Father Kewal Kishan Singh Deol
Mother Satwant Kaur
Brother Ajit Deol
Religion Sikh
Marital Status Married
Girlfriends Meena Kumari (actress)
Saira Banu (actress)
Hema Malini (actress)
Wife/ Spouse Prakash Kaur (1st Wife)
Hema Malini (2nd Wife)
Sons Sunny Deol & Bobby Deol (both from 1st wife)
Daughter Vijeeta Deol and Ajeeta Deol (from 1st wife)
Esha Deol and Ahana Deol (from 2nd wife)
School Government Senior Secondary School, Lalton Kalan, Ludhiana
Favorite Actor Dada Saheb Phalke, Suraiya
Favorite Actress Hema Malini
Favorite Sport Cricket
Favorite Food Punjabi Food
Favorite Movie Not Available
Hobbies Writing Shayari
Net Worth $70 Million

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Daily Health Tips for Men to Maintain Good Health and Tips of the Day

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Daily Health Tips for Men to Maintain Good Health and Tips of the Day

If we talk about men’ health then we come to know that there are very few people in the world who are aware of their health. Some people do not pay attention to their health due to laziness, some people have made their lives so busy, that they do not have the time for themselves. Just because of this discrepancy, men often get many health related problems and put their life in risk. In this article we will discuss about Daily Health Tips for Men to Maintain Good Health and Tips of the Day.

Men are more careless than women. Their life style is very bad. They do not take too much care from small to large diseases. According to a research, men are less likely to get health checkup than women. Men has full responsibility for their family members. It should be explained to them, so that they can take care for their family as well.

Today we will give you great health tips for men’s health. You can keep yourself healthy enough by adopting these health tips. So let’s go ahead with the post on the Health Tips for Men.

Daily Health Tips for Men

1. Be sure to have two bananas in breakfast. Eating bananas will keep energy in your body for a long time, so that you will feel fresh and like doing your work. Along with this banana will keep your heart healthy, and you will not have any problem associated with your heart.

2. If you like outdoor canned food and junk food mostly, then you should be careful. Regularly eating canned food and junk food will gradually decreases in the quality of sperms. If you want, that you do not face this problem, then stop eating junk food and outdoor meals today.
Some people eat vegetables like cabbage and carrots in the summer, and they do not like to eat in the winter. Do not do that at all, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables only. Unusual fruits and vegetables affect adolescent health.

4. Daily eating of the things such as cold drinks, chips, crunchy, maggi and coffee also put a negative impact on your health, so do these things sometimes and in less quantity only for taste not as a meal. If possible, stop consuming them completely.

5. Due to obesity where you look bad on one side, obesity on the other side is also the reason for many physical illnesses. That is why men should control their weight.

6. Packing food has very large quantities of metals. Let us tell you that the metals are not only harmful for men but it is also harmful for children and women’s health, so leave eating packing food today.

7. Some of  people wake up late in the morning, and then forget to take breakfast in the haste of going to the office or college. If you also have to do this, then leave this habit, because breakfast in the morning is very important for a healthy body. That is why doctors recommend taking breakfast in the morning.

8. Eat more fresh and green leafy vegetables in the food. Don’t cook vegetables too much. Eat salad with food. Add sprouted grains to your diet.
Good Health Tips for Men (Good Health Tips for Men)

9. Do not use refined oil to make food. Refined oil is very dangerous for our body. Use good quality oil to make food. Bad oil is not good for health.

10. Some people are so busy that they do not even have time to do yoga and exercise to keep their body healthy. Such people should go to market by feet to buy the vegetables. Use the stairs in the office instead of lift and if the office is nearby, then go to the office by featuring.

11. Massage is not only important  important for our hair, but also important for the whole body. By doing massage, blood circulation in the body starts properly, so at least once a week, massage your body with olive oil. You can also use any other oil to massage.

12. Your health depends largely on your sleep and at the time of waking. According to a research, those who sleep early at night and get up early in the morning, they are more healthy compared to other people. That is why a men should sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning.

13. Do not forget the most important thing.  Never place the laptop on your thighs anytime. About 80% men do this practice, and these are very big mistakes. Running laptops on thighs leads to adverse effects on men’s virulence. The biggest reason for impotence in men is also this.

14. If a men want to make himself healthy without yoga and exercise, then it is not possible to do so. Because yoga and exercise are the most essential part of our life, but most people ignore it, which is the most foolish thing to do. If you want to keep yourself healthy and want to live a long life, then incorporate yoga and exercise in your daily routine. Do at least 45 minutes of yoga and exercise.

Today we told you very good health tips related to men’s health. By adopting these health tips, men can keep themselves healthy to a large extent. If you want to have any questions, then you can ask your question to comment in the comment box below the post.

Anil Kapoor Biography, Age, Educational Qualification, Family, Daughter, House, Height, Movies

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Anil Kapoor Biography, Age, Educational Qualification, Family, Daughter, House, Height, Movies

Anil Kapoor Biography

Anil Kapoor is the famous actor and producer of the Indian film Industry, who has made him the favorite of Indian audience and has become a living legend of Bollywood and Hollywood films. Anil Kapoor is the superstar from the decade of 90’s and still people like his acting. He is an evergreen superstar. His film making style is quite different from others. He has worked in almost every genre of films and he has received much appreciation for his acting. He has also received many awards in which Best Actor Prize is Included. In this article we will discuss about Anil Kapoor Biography, Age, Educational Qualification, Family, Daughter, House, Height and his movies.

Early Life and Family

Anil Kapoor was born on December 24, 1959 in Chembur, Mumbai. He is the son of renowned film producer Surendra Kapoor. His elder brother Bonnie Kapoor is a famous film producer and his younger brother Sanjay Kapoor is also an actor. In 1984, Anil Kapoor was married to Sunita Kapoor, from which she has three children – two girls: Sonam Kapoor and Riya Kapoor and a boy: Harshvardhan Kapoor, in which Sonam Kapoor is also an actress.

Educational Qualification

Anil Kapoor’s early education was from Our Lady of Parupyqal Sakar High School, Chembur. After this, he studied at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.


Anil Kapoor started his Bollywood journey in the role of an assistant actor with Umesh Mehra’s ‘Hamare Tumhare’ (1979). After some minor roles in ‘Hum Paanch‘ (1980) and ‘Shakti‘ (1982), he got his first major role in ‘Wo Saat Din‘ in 1983, in which he performed an excellent and natural performance.

Kapoor later tried to act in Tollywood, and in the Telugu film ‘Vamsavrikshan’ and Mani Ratnam’s first Kannada film, ‘Pallavi Anuplavati’. After this he did a great performance in Yash Chopra’s ‘Mashaal’ where he showed acting skills with Dilip Kumar. In the film, ‘Meri Jung’ (1985), the role of an angry young lawyer fighting for justice, which established him as a mature actor. Apart from this, Anil Kapoor did famous films such as ‘Karma’, ‘Mr India’, ‘Tezab’ and ‘Ram Lakhan’ who gave him the heights of stardom.

His character played in the movie ‘Beta’ had made everyone emotional and it was said that only Anil Kapoor had justice with this role. After that Anil Kapoor played a role in the movie ‘Nayak‘ as a chief minister of 1 day. He received a lot of praised in that movie. That movie was a super duper hit. After this, he played small roles in many films, and along with critics, he entertained and liked the audience very much.

Famous Films

Meri Jung, Chameli Ki Shadi, Janbaaz, Karma, Mr. India, Tezaab, Ramlakhan, Ghar ho to Aisa, Son, 1942 A Love Story, Virasat, Taal, Bulandi, Pukar, Nayak, Welcome, Race, Slumdog Millionaire, Welcome Beck etc.

National Film Award: –

2001 – Best Actor Award – for Pukaar
2008 – Special Jury Award – Gandhi My Father

Filmfare Award

1985 – Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award – for Mashaal
1989 – Filmfare Best Actor Award – Tezaab
1993 – Filmfare Best Actor Award – Son
1998 – Filmfare Critics Best Actor Award – Virasat
2000 – Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award – Taal

International Indian Film Academy Award

2000 – IIFA Best Comedian Award – Bivi Number One
2000 – IIFA Best Supporting Actor Award – Taal
2006 – IIFA Wall of Fame
2010 – IIFA Extraordinary Achievement

Anil Kapoor Biography in Brief

Real Name Anil Kapoor
Nickname Mr. India, Lakkhan
Profession Actor, Producer
Age 61 Years
Date of Birth 24-Dec-56
Birthplace Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Caste Punjabi
Hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Debut Film: Hamare Tumhare (1979, Bollywood)
Vamsa Vruksham (1980, Telugu)
Pallavi Anu Pallavi (1983, Kannada)
Chandralekha (1997, Malayalam)
Slumdog Millionaire (2008, British)
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011, Hollywood)
Production: Badhaai Ho Badhaai (2002)
TV American TV Series 2010
Height in Centimeters 178 cm
Height in meters 1.78 m
Height in Inches 5’ 10”
Weight in Kilograms 75 kg
Weight in Pounds 165 lbs
Body Measurements 41-33-13 Inches
Chest Size 41 Inches
Waist Size 33 Inches
Biceps Size 13 Inches
Shoe Size 10 (US)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Father Late Surender Kapoor (Producer)
Mother Nirmal Kapoor
Brothers Boney Kapoor (Elder, Producer), Sanjay Kapoor (Younger, Actor)
Sister Reena Kapoor
Wife Sunita Bhavnani Kapoor
Marital Status Married
Girlfriends Madhuri Dixit (Actress, Rumour)
Kimi Katkar (Actress, Rumour)
Sunita Bhavnani Kapoor (Jewellery designer)
Wife/ Spouse Sunita Bhavnani Kapoor (m.1984-present)
Son Harshvardhan Kapoor (Actor, born in 1990)
Daughter Sonam Kapoor (Actress, born in 1985),
Rhea Kapoor (Producer, born in 1987)
Educational Qualification 12th standard (Expelled from his college due to lack of attendence)
School Our Lady of Perpetual Succour High School, Mumbai
College/ University St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
Net Worth $12 million
Salary 3-4 crore/film (INR)
House Address 31 Shrinagar, 7th Road, JVPD Scheme, Mumbai
Car Collection Audi RS7, Mercedes ML350, BMW 7-Series 760 Li, W222 Mercedes Benz S-Class

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